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"The Story Of Us"

"The Story Of Us"
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Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am sure that many of you share your own experiences of being a military mom, so I would like share our commonalities of what being a military mom is all about in the armed forces.

“Military Mom” can mean a few different things... You could be a mother of a child in the military, a wife whom bares the children of a husband in the military or you could be a mom serving in the military. I will assure you that each one plays a significant and special role, to not only our military personnel but to our world as a whole. Thank you! (BOW)

Six astounding moms of the Bible.

The Original Mother — more specifically, of Cain, Abel, and Seth (and several unnamed others)

I guess if we are to commence in chronological order we would have to begin with Eve, the mother of us all. And she was the woman who made THE monumental, mind-blowing, affects-everybody forever mistake. So she probably deserves the bad rap she gets. But it wasn’t like there were any other women around to make it instead of her, right? Maybe she was the first to partake of the fruit just because she was the only one who could remember where it was in the garden (women just know where stuff is). You have to feel a little bit of sympathy for the girl who didn’t have a mother to ask about how things were for her back in the day. When the kids had a temperature or were teething she just had to figure it out on her own. O-rrah for Eve...

Mother of Isaac

This is the mom who gives hope to everyone who waited a little late to get started on the Mommy Track. Not that she didn’t try; her womb was just on a different biological clock. God made a promise to Abraham that he would be the father of many nations.

Mother of Jacob and Esau

For every mom who has ever had the temptation to play favorites with her children, pay attention to Rebekah. She didn’t just play favorites, she schemed and connived and was an accessory to one of the biggest Daddy Dupes in all of history. Rebekah reminds us that it is a dangerous thing to use maternal power for manipulation. Oh what a mother will do for her babies...

Mother of Solomon

Bathsheba was well-named as it was her “bath-ing” that attracted the attention of King David. Their illicit affair resulted in the birth of a son. However, a son was born from their union and Solomon turned out to be a peaceable ruler whose wisdom was legendary. Bathsheba’s motherhood gives women hope that, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy and the birth of your child, God can redeem any situation. You never know, you might just have the wisest person ever on the planet staring back at you from that high chair.

Mother of Aaron, Moses, and Miriam

If there was ever a mom whose life would have made a great screenplay for a Lifetime for Women movie it would be Jochebed. Moses’ mom shows us that the determination and ingenuity of a desperate mother can result in surprising circumstances. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Mother of Jesus

Talk about your Personal EPT . . . I mean Mary’s was early, EARLY! And accurate, too. Angelic visitation definitely qualifies as a sure thing. But the favored girl had to have some concerns because unwed pregnancy was a little different back then. You could get stoned for it. I’m sure she was very relieved to find out that the angel had given her beau, Joseph, the same message. And yes, she was going to give birth to the divine Gift of heaven, but, as any mother knows, all gifts come with some work attached. She still had to change the Baby Jesus’ diapers, soothe him as he teethed, teach him to walk, and clean up his skinned knees. She had to cook the meals and wash his clothes and do all the things that moms do for their children.

As we think of all of these mothers each of us may have one thing in common, some of the women did great things for their children and some not so good. However we can all relate to the LOVE of a mother for her child/children. We should thank Christ for them ALL as they are road maps for parenthood on what to do and what not to do...

Blessings to all of you on this beautiful MOTHER’S DAY!

Blessings to A. Rennefoe.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ahh Ha Moment...

Hello all,

Just a tip: It is said that it takes @ least 10,000 hours to become good @ something... I found through this that I am not reading the word enough... So I challenge you to read, fast pray @ least 10,000 hours and lets see how good you become... Today I spent 4 hours studying His word, as I awaited the tornado that hit down in our town today.

Stay tuned for the fruits of my labor as I share with you in increments what I have been studying.

In Him,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Where are you going?!

It seems that for the past few months the hub's and I have been talking about Gods plan for our life, marriage and ministry. There has been so many situations that have brought us to this point in our conversation however I will fill you in on that much later.

A little backdrop is that, before the hub’s became an officer, he told God if you give this to me (Officer) I will use it to your glory. So initially he planned to become a Chaplin. Then as time moved on he kind of got swept in the world wind of doing what it requires to be a Marine Corps Officer. (Which he wouldn’t change for anything) however, I could still see in his eyes that somewhere along the line he felt that he may not have kept up to his end of the bargain. So now it leaves us to this ... He says, “baby in whatever I am doing I just want to make sure I am going after God’s vision for my life."

Ponder this:

In Daniel 2 Nebuchadnezzar had a disturbing dream.

He woke up, called a meeting and asked his astrologers, soothsayers and magicians to tell him what his dream was and what it meant.

They were bewildered and wondered how he could expect them to know such a thing. After all, while Nebuchadnezzar was sleeping, so were they. Nebuchadnezzar pressed and pressed. He even threatened to kill them if they could not tell him the dream and its meaning. Nebuchadnezzar’s reasoning was, you guys are my ‘brokers of the supernatural.’ You are supposed to know things that no one else knows and if you don’t know, you are not worth keeping.

Believers, especially ministry leaders, are God’s ‘brokers of the supernatural.’ We are supposed to know God’s supernatural plan for our lives and how to use all of the resources He has trusted into our hands.

Many spouses are praying for a different rank, more money new cars a bigger house and a better duty station. But I believe that before God gives them to you He wants to know if you know how He wants those resources to be used. Remember, it all belongs to Him and for His good purpose, not ours.

Basically God wants to know, “Are you running after my dream for your life or are your running after yours.” WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!

Yes, rank, money and houses are resources for the greater purpose of bringing hope to a broken world and that can’t happen by only gathering people for church services, Bible studies and meetings.
We need to mobilize people and send them out into the highways and byways.

Luke 14:16-24 Jesus said ‘go’ into the entire world. (This could mean Iraq, Afgan or any other war zone) Matthew 28:19-20

He said that we would do the things He did. John 14:12

He said we would receive the power to be a global witness. Acts 1:8

So as you make ministry plans, military plans or simply life plans keep in mind that God might not release them until you can answer His one simple question.

“Where are you going?” My hopes in the Haynes household is that we are running after His dreams for our life...

Thankful to Pastor Miles... A Do Something Ministry...

In Him,
The Haynes

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Ressurection

Happy Resurrection,

Today was a very important day for all of the Jesus Freaks out there...  Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day... Thank you Lord!

I am so excited to start this blog, I have so much that I would like to share with the world as the spouse of a Marine. There is so much that goes on in our life and if I can help even one spouse then my job here in the blog world is considered complete. :)

Today the girls and I were alone for Easter, the hubb’s is away doing some intense training and we miss him dearly. He is dong really well as graduation is swiftly approaching in 2 weeks.   I am so happy that I will have my best friend back. I miss him so much and whenever he is away I can truly say I am a much different individual.  I have yet to learn to completely live without him.  But I do understand the duty of the Marine Corps so I am happy to allow him to do his part in serving our country as I do my part in serving him...

We have so many different events coming up in our life in the following months... We are relocating overseas and I am happy and a bit apprehensive about the whole move... I have so many things going on in my mind about the move and I think I am just holding it all in as I have no one to tell because my best friend is still away.  But not to worry as soon as he returns I will begin to pour it all out. Lol!

It will go a little bit like this... Welcome home honey... So yeah, I am not sure how I feel about the move to Japan that we are embarking upon. Like I have my training career here that I have built from the ground up , I have such a good church here, my mind just got settled and oh yeah the girls... They are just adjusting to their new school and environment and we are due to TMO May 16?! Boots due to hit soil June 4th... This is all so much and we just got you back home... And oh did u say you will have to deploy less then 3 months after we arrive AGAIN!!! So you are basically saying honey I am picking you guys up from here to drop you off over there.... And don’t worry it’s a foreign country but I will be back in 6-8 months. 

Hummm... Now that it’s out of my system... I will start packing, as this is my reality and it has been for the last 10 yrs of being married to this Marine.  Just as he lace his boots I will lace my boots... When he put on his pack, I will put on my pack and we will hump, walk, and run side by side. This is what I signed up for. It is not always easy but why would taking care of the world’s best be uncomplicated, effortless or undemanding?!

All you need while he is away is Honor, Courage and most importantly... Commitment. Through the hard and the good. If you posses these attributes you will make it along your journey...

Nice to meet you all... Some will read my blogs and take them completely out of context as others will know exactly what it is I am trying to convey... All I can say is I am who I am, and I am VERY proud of it.  I’ve learned that it is not about what you’ve done but what’s been done for you. It is not about where you’ve been. But where your brokenness brings you to... I will not always be politically correct throughout this blog and I will not always use perfect grammar or English for that matter.  But to the ones that are easily offended by such, pls excuse me in advance. :)

Team Haynes